Other Specialized Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning

Beautiful sunlight and warm days return! Allow us to give your windows a sparkling cleaning that will let you see the spring come back to life. We apply a full scrubbing to your windows, and then follow up with a precise wipe down using our microfiber cloths. 

Included is cleaning out those pesky window wells that always collect dirt, debris and pollen.  Have dirty screens?  Allow us to use our backpack vacuums and microfiber cloths to clean them out.  We offer standard window cleaning for tilt-in windows and use professional squeegees, window wands and tall extension poles second/third floor exterior windows.

Attention to detail is needed to give your windows that brilliant clean!
Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

The winter has been tough on all of us, including your carpets!  Carpet cleaning with hot water and a non-toxic formula is recommended by most carpet manufacturers to remove the ground-in dirt and debris from your carpets. 

We meticulously move small to mid-sized furniture, vacuum thoroughly and then clean your carpets ensuring no soapy residue remains.  Our professional carpet cleaning machines suck most of the moisture from your carpets, but they may still be damp to the touch.  You can accelerate the drying time with fans or air conditioning, just be sure to leave the protective pads in place to prevent any color transfer.

Carpet cleaning with us is quick, convenient and hassle-free!

Appliance Cleaning Services

Appliance Deep Cleaning

Another spring cleaning task? The interior of your appliances is often the last thing on your list when company comes over. You can hide the grimy oven, sticky refrigerator and yucky dishwasher drain for awhile, but sooner or later, it must be cleaned! Removing all drawers, shelves and racks is the first step towards a sparkling clean appliance. We detail clean each inch of your appliance, scrubbing and cleaning as we go. Then we separately clean each item in the appliance, ensuring a through cleaning of every area. Carefully placing each item back in it’s original position, we re-check for drips and streaks. Sparkling clean appliances make a kitchen shine, and you can now open your refrigerator doors without hesitation!